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Rabbit Hutches To Suit Your Fancy

Rabbits need hutches in exactly the same way humans need homes. It does not matter whether your rabbit or rabbits will live outdoors or are indoor, house pets. Hutches are important for rabbits, and not only as a place to be kept safely.

Rabbits need comfortable hutches to sleep, eat and play. Some people feel that any old enclosure is sufficient to keep a pet rabbit in, but it really isn’t.  The absolute smallest humane hutch space must be at least four times the size of the fully-grown rabbit.

That is the absolute minimum, but rabbits also need to move around, so the bigger the rabbit hutch and run, the happier the rabbit will be.

Perfect homes

When buying rabbit hutches, it is best to keep an open mind, because the huge variety available is quite staggering. The best to do is to have a look at our range at Ideas 4 Pets to see the many different types and sizes before making a decision. First, decide if you want indoor or outdoor rabbit hutches. The second factor will be if it is for a single rabbit or more than one. The breed of rabbit plays a part, as obviously giant breeds of rabbit will need more room than dwarf breeds from the start.

This is important as rabbits don’t always get along with each other. This means each rabbit must have its own living space. It’s important to find out how easy the rabbit hutches are to keep clean.  Also, measure the space where the rabbit hutch will be placed so that you purchase a hutch that fits neatly into the allocated space inside or outside. Only start thinking about rabbit hutch accessories after you have made a final decision of what hutch to buy.

Although it may not be easy to tell all of this from pictures and details online, Ideas 4 Pets run a sales and advice service by phone or email, 7 days a week, and our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the right hutch or hutches for your needs.

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